Wordstruck: A Workbook on Building a Better English Vocabulary


Wordstruck is a vocabulary development workbook for high school students (grades 8-12), college students, and intermediate or advanced English-as-a-second-language learners. The approach to vocabulary development is novel because of its emphasis on analyzable word structure, i.e., English morphology, and on word building through productive affixation. Working through Wordstruck students will achieve these goals: develop a more sophisticated vocabulary, gain a deeper understanding of morphology and grammar, develop a technique to analyze new words they encounter in their reading and listening, employ trustworthy dictionaries (e.g., Miriam Webster and the Oxford English Dictionary) more effectively, improve their spelling, and raise their literacy level. The first part of the book introduces analyzable words containing productive prefixes and suffixes; the second part continues working with affixes attached to bound and unbound forms. Each of the eleven units contains a pretest and post-test, a clear set of goals, explanatory text with examples and tables, numerous exercises, a complete answer key, and a substantial glossary at the end of the book. Because there is an emphasis on exercises with a complete answer key provided, the book is ideal for both self-study and classroom instruction. Wordstruck is designed as an easy-to-use textbook that will help students learn the essential linguistic principles needed to foster a more advanced vocabulary.
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