Steel-concrete Composite Bridges: Designing with Eurocodes


The second edition of the bestselling Steel-concrete Composite Bridges is fully up-to-date with the methods now used for these structures in accordance with Eurocodes, introduced since publication of the first edition. This book shows how to design the various forms of steel-concrete composite bridges simply, with the use of real-life illustrative examples of bridges and data from research.
Steel-concrete composite bridges are those that combine both steel and concrete elements. They are a commonly-used and economical option for modern bridge construction projects. Knowledge of both materials and the behaviour of the interface between them is required for design of steel-concrete composite bridges, and is an essential part of the engineer’s knowledge set.
This new edition provides a general introduction to the relevant Eurocodes and covers EC1 on loadings (particularly for bridge loads), EC2 for concrete elements, EC3 for steel (with particular reference to the material properties and buckling) and EC4 for composite action and many industry examples and case studies.
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