Modern Energy Markets: Real-Time Pricing, Renewable Resources and Efficient Distribution


Energy has moved to the forefront in terms of societal and economic development. Modern Energy Markets is a comprehensive, economically oriented, exploration of modern electricity networks from production and distribution to deregulation and liberalization processes. Updating previous work by the authors, different aspects are considered resulting in a complete and detailed picture of the systems and characteristics of modern electricity markets.

Modern Energy Markets provides clear detail whilst encompassing a broad scope of topics and includes:
*A method to model energy production systems including the main characteristics of future demand side management,
*Different applications of this model in nuclear and renewable energy scenarios,
*An analysis of Real-Time Pricing of electricity and its potential effects across the market, and,
*A discussion of the need for regulation in an easily monopolized industry.

Engineering and Economics students alike will find that Modern Energy Markets is a succinct and informative resource, as will researchers interested in environmental and energy issues. The inclusion of timely and relevant issues related to economic decision will also be of value to industry and civil officials.
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