Guidance for IT Asset Management (ITAM)


Guidance for ITAM provides a direction in a concise, clear, user friendly and understandable way for all the ITAM audiences (newbie’s, intermediates, experts). This book is not just for ITAM process consultants or management folks talking just about process definition and implementation. It will be of great help for Solution Architects and Technology Consultants, for designing ITSM tools with respect to ITAM processes. What so unique about this book? – It’s going to tell you pre-requisites, objectives, and business needs of ITAM processes – It’s going tell you a step by step approach for implementing ITAM processes – It’s going to tell you an approach for designing ITAM tools (through workflows, mandatory fields, and business logics) – It’s going to tell you the effective metrics for ITAM processes and operations – It’s going to tell you the best practices – It’s going to tell you the checklists for ITAM process with respect to management and operations teams.
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