Hydrogen Technology: Mobile and Portable Applications


Aline Leon ‘ In the last years, public attention was increasingly shifted by the media and world governments to the concepts of saving energy,reducing pollution, protecting the – environment, and developing long-term energy supply solutions. In parallel, research funding relating to alternative fuels and energy carriers is increasing on both – national and international levels. Why has future energy supply become such a matter of concern? The reasons are the problems created by the world’s current energy supply s- tem which is mainly based on fossil fuels. In fact, the energy stored in hydrocarbon- based solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels was, is, and will be widely consumed for internal combustion engine-based transportation, for electricity and heat generation in residential and industrial sectors, and for the production of fertilizers in agriculture, as it is convenient, abundant, and cheap. However, such a widespread use of fossil fuels by a constantly growing world population (from 2. 3 billion in 1939 to 6. 5 billion in 2006) gives rise to the two problems of oil supply and environmental degradation. The problem related to oil supply is caused by the fact that fossil fuels are not – new able primary energy sources: This means that since the est barrel of petroleum has been pumped out from the ground, we have been exhausting a heritage given by nature.
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